Esports FPS Games to Bet on at Online Casinos for Real Money

esports games to bet on with real money in online casinos

Esports FPS Games to Bet on at Online Casinos for Real Money

Online gambling has been around for decades, with online casinos taking the industry by storm. Similarly, first-person shooter (FPS) games have dominated the video game industry. In recent years, the two worlds have collided, as the most popular FPS games managed to work their way into the world of online betting through online casinos that feature esports. One good resource for comparing esports casinos is

But let’s take our own look at which games to actually bet on. In this article we’ll take a closer look at some of the top FPS games that have begun to dominate the world of esports and find out how you can, if you are willing, put your gaming abilities to the ultimate test.

Team Fortress 2

Recommended Casino To Bet on Team Fortress 2 Esports Game: Skycity Online Casino

Team Fortress 2 was originally released in 2007 and has been a top competitor in the genre ever since. There are now tens of thousands of Team Fortress 2 players.

Although their numbers are relatively small in terms of esports–around two thousand viewers per stream–there is still an opportunity for an exciting, albeit intimate, betting experience. Having a smaller group of bettors allows for more personal relationships, which is what many gamers crave. This also means you could potentially learn from some of the more experienced gamers not only how to improve your gaming strategy, but your betting strategy as well. This is because of less competition and lower viewership.

If you are looking to try betting on an FPS game, we recommend Team Fortress 2. The game is lesser-known than others but provides a good opportunity to make some fast money.

Rainbow Six Siege

Recommended Casino To Bet on Rainbow Six Siege: Dunder

Rainbow Six Siege was released in 2015 and has since become a decently popular esports option. Rainbow Six Siege features an intuitive playstyle and is especially popular among players who have tired of Call of Duty.

Rainbow Six Siege is a relatively new esport, but it has already begun bringing in tens of thousands of viewers for each of its tournaments. One tournament peaked at sixty-nine thousand. They are also one of the most viewed games on Twitch.

Because the game itself is so new, its betting scene is new as well. Most of the people who bet on Rainbow Six Siege are amateurs but the occasional veteran will join in the mix. Bettors can expect hundreds to thousands of people to bet on Rainbow Six Siege but because so many are amateurs, if you know what you are doing, you have a sold chance of winning.


Recommended Casino To Bet on Overwatch: Rizk Casino

Overwatch is one of the newest games in the FPS industry, but it filled a void that most gamers never even realized was there. Overwatch combines the best of the MOBA industry with unique characters, and has since become one of the most popular games in esports.

Overwatch debuted in the esports industry in 2016 and was an instant success. During the Overwatch World Cup, the tournament racked up four hundred thousand viewers, seven million hours watched, and five million views all on a single streaming platform: Twitch.

Because Overwatch is so new, there are far more amateurs betting on the game. That means if you truly understand the game and how to bet on it, you could easily walk away with an impressive cash prize.

Call of Duty

Recommended Casino To Bet on Call of Duty: Casumo

Call of Duty is a mega-popular video game that has been around for quite a while. It is one of the top FPS games of the century, with only a select few games having ever surpassed it in terms of popularity.

Call of Duty is to thank for the creation of two of the biggest names in the history of esports: FaZe Clan and OpTic Gaming. These two franchises were able to branch out into other esports after the success of Call of Duty.

In terms of viewership, Call of Duty’s is in the millions. In 2016, they hit twenty million views during the Call of Duty World League Championship. On a more regular basis, Call of Duty viewership reaches over a hundred thousand.

When you look at betting in particular, Call of Duty is the ultimate choice. There are handfuls of opportunities to make huge amounts of money, but you should be aware in advance that a good amount of patience and experience is required before you are really able to monetize the game.

Because Call of Duty has been around longer than most games, its betting audience has grown into one of the largest in all of esports. Plus, Call of Duty is a relatively simple game, which means it takes less time to learn than other popular options, such as Overwatch.


Recommended Casino To Bet on CS GO: Betsafe

If there is one FPS game that stands out among the rest, its Counter-Strike; Global Offensive. This game was released on August 21, 2012 and was an instant hit. Many people consider CS:GO to be one of the first games that introduced esports betting. In the years since, CS:GO has transformed into a global phenomenon. During the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice, CS:GO brought in 46 million unique viewers. For each tournament hosted by CS:GO, there are tens of millions of unique views. There is truly nothing like it.

If you are looking for a game with experience on just about every esports platform with a following that will be around for years to come, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive should be your first choice.

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